Filter data from Excel

I want to filter the data which I am looking only for the column State=CA and Entity= Raise. The below syntax I am using for filtering Can any one help me where I am getting wrong?

DtSave.Select(“STATE=CA” And “ENTITY=RAISE”)

You missed the single quotes in the select statement. Also column names and value needs to be case sensitive I believe. Here is the corrected expression.
DtSave.Select("State='CA' AND Entity='Raise'”)

Also you can try using the Filter Datatable activity if you find it easier to use.

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@kaderms It was showing an error with your syntax I used "Option Strict on Disallows Implicit conversation from ‘String’ to ‘Integer’

Can you post a screenshot of the activity where you use select?
And also your output console that shows the error?

Hey thanks. I got this resolved

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