Select Method to Filter Excel

Hi, I´m having a problem I have this activity to filter an excel file, but it is returning this error:

This is the sentence I have: filteredDataTable = in_InitialTable.Select([out_Stratify]=out_StrataName AND [out_FieldToSearch] < out_MaxValueToFilter).CopyToDataTable

The error is this one: Option StrictOn disallows implicit conversion from Boolean to String


Can you share more insight on your error?

If you can share some sample Input and Output will be great


Write conditions in Double Quotes and values for that column will be in single quotes. As you are using variable in value fields you need to add them inside single quote as below shown.

in_InitialTable.Select("[out_Stratify]=’"+out_StrataName+"’ AND [out_FieldToSearch] < ‘"+out_MaxValueToFilter+"’).CopyToDataTable


Hi, I already did that and it doesn´t show any errors until I run it and this exception appears:

Your input Datatable having any rows?

As per exception your source Datatable i.e. in_InitialTable doesnt contains any datarow.

Yes that´s what I thought but I checked and the input dataTable “in_initialTable” is bringing me 435 rows… I don’t know what else could it be?

can you share test xaml.

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