How to filter columns



hello everyBody,

please i need your help , i have an excel file with a lot of columns , the goals is to filter one or two … columns ?

and the second question is how to do a multiple filter in same column

big thanks !

  1. You can read the excel data into a datatable using Read Range activity. To put a filter, you can use datatable.Select Method i.e. dtInput.Select("[col1] = ‘yourVal1’ AND [col2] = ‘yourVal2’")

  2. You can put multiple conditions (filter) on the same column using the same “select” method. i.e. dtInput.Select("[col1] = ‘yourVal1’ OR [col1] = ‘yourVal2’")

Replace col1/col2 with your actual columns.

Please refer to this link for further info.

Let me know if this helps!