Filter condition issue - Unable to filter multiple condition in UiPath Apps


I’am trying to filter a data service entity in UiPath apps, I have date picker ‘TO’ and ‘FROM’ and I want to filter the Creation Date of the entity but the “TO” filter seems not working. Providing the screenshot of my expression and table screenshot below. Those mark in red should not be included in the filter. Kindly advise how to fix. Appreciate any help on this.

This is the expression I used:

@eiram.mytes ,

Filter multiple condition only returns AND result , if you are trying to implement more advanced filter combination then it will not work.

got it thanks Arvind. Also do you know if there’s a way to add/sum a date in uipath app?, I have this that date picker from the screenshot above but the value i need is the day after from the selected of the user so i need to add 1 day basically. I have tried using SUM but I’m getting format issue… maybe because the I’m adding a date format and number.

@eiram.mytes ,

Add days , hours , minutes or format date function is not available into apps right now but this is planned to come for sure .

To format it , you may write a UiPath Process and pass the selected date as input to process and return output as formatted date.