Filter Entity based on multiple condition


I want to filter data between multiple approvers based on their names in Entity records and the Approval status in uipath Apps. Kindly suggest the solution.

where is your data ?

@Shivam_Chaturvedi Can you please explain a bit breif

If this is Data service please do as below.

=Lookup(“EntityName”,[FieldName=Field Value]).Id

you can look at below URL.

Please mark this as solution if works.

HI @Shivam_Chaturvedi

Change the entity to datatable and use filter datatable activity



I am using the uipath apps and not the uipath studio


Thanks for replying but the solution provided by you is not providing the required results.

My basic idea is to filter entity records as follows:

If Condition 1- “Approver 1”= first name and “Approval status” = No or Condition 2 - “Approver 2” = first name and “Approval Status” = Approved by level 1 . If any one condition is true then show data as output.

If there is solution to above please suggest.

Hello @Shivam_Chaturvedi ,

Here is a use case. Please use filter approach to filter the data from entity. Please follow below approach.

  1. Go to Page
  2. Open Table data source setting.
    Add filter as : Function Filter(EntityName,[Condition],[Condition]

I have added this filter for 3 table and its working please see below image.

I have attached a POC for This, you can create an entity with AprovalPOC name with same field and import app and see it. (67.1 KB)

Please let me know if you have any further query or mark this as solution.

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this doesn’t work for me

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