UiPath Apps, Filter Function not Working

Hello Community,
I´m having trouble working with the filter function and I´m hoping someone can give me some clarity of what is happening

Take a look…
It´s simple, I´m trying to filter various table based con column values. When I apply multiple conditions to the expression the result is no data shown, as you can see here…

But if I apply one condition everything works fine

This little problem is affecting my whole solution and I´m unable to understand what is wrong.
Maybe my dear friend @Arvind_Kumar1 can provide me some clarity. I love UiPath Apps but I am finding these that I think are bugs and it’s making me really sad. It would be much happier if at least someone from the UiPath Team could pay attention to some of these inquiries so I feel I´m helping improve the tool.

I really hope to get feedback from this one, Thank you very much.


Luis Fernando Pazos

@Luis_Fernando - Support for OR conditions in Filter has been a long-standing requirement but nor present. Right now, it just works as AND. Related thread: How to add Or filter condition in uipath apps - #13 by Naveen.Ch


Hello @argin.lerit
I hope you don’t mind sharing a bit of more context around the problem. The thing is I checked out the Topic you reference, but I don’t see how the solution looks like.

Thank you very much for you response, I´ll be waiting your feedback.

This is other table control I´m using in my app, and as we can see, the filtering is being applied by two conditions. And this table isn´t presenting any trouble.


Thank you for the example.

The condition on this table works as “AND”. This works but not with multiple conditions where “OR” is the intended operator. In case my previous response was confusing, this is a missing feature in Apps. I love to use UiPath Apps too but missing basic features like this makes me nervous to fully commit and offer it as first-in-mind solution for client needs.

In the thread I linked, the marked Solution is for another issue (showing the details of the item when the record is selected from the table).



I believe this is what you should give for getting both the values related data…Can you please try the same




@argin.lerit @Luis_Fernando ,

This works with In Operator. The logic you want to implement you can do using In operator into filter condition.

However OR Condition is also available and that validation OR logic based on your input. Please try below logic to get your data right now.


Let us know if you have any query.


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@Arvind_Kumar1 Thanks for the great example!

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Thank you very much Dear friends @Anil_G @Arvind_Kumar1. This expression did solve my problem. Glad to count on y`all


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