How to add Or filter condition in uipath apps

Hi @Venkata_Rajendran

I try to filter uipath data services data in uipath apps

Just want to know how to pass or condition for to differentiate 2 conditions

I hope “, comma “ is considered as “and “condition in uipath apps

@Naveen.Ch ,

Advanced filter like Or , AND is not available at the moment. you can just add the filter comma separated multiple filter and that return only all satisfied rules.


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Hi @Arvind_Kumar1

Thank you for the quick response

My condition should be like below

Var1=Var2 and Var3=Var4 or var3 = var5

How to do using comma separator to match above condition

Hi @Arvind_Kumar1

filter function support multiple conditions with comma separations.

filter(TravelRequest, [TravelRequest.Status, "=", SelectedStatusValue], [TravelRequest.ManagerEmailID, "=", ManagerEmailID])

Attached image looks correct. If it’s not working, Please check the values in those app variables. Also check if the data service has values for these conditions.

@Viswanath_Lekshmanan ,

Yes that is there but does it support advanced condition like AND, OR?

Hello @Naveen.Ch ,

Check below.

Hi @Viswanath_Lekshmanan

Thank you for the response

But I am unable to add or condition , if I use comma separator that is considered as and condition

Like below

Entity.Var1=Var2 and entity.Var3=Var4 or entity.var3 = var5

@Naveen.Ch ,

Yes that’s correct, I said you OR condition is not supported right now.

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No. We don’t have support for OR operators now. All conditions are treated as AND by default.

@Viswanath_Lekshmanan @Arvind_Kumar1 @Venkata_Rajendran

Is it possible to click on table results and to display in detail window using uipath apps

how to disable the text field value once the firm is filled?

@Naveen.Ch ,

Yes you can create one page and on click open the page as pop and display the details view.

For disable you use below expression.



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Hi @Venkata_Rajendran @Arvind_Kumar1

I am able to show the details in the label based on above information

But my question is different, when the user select the record from table results which is populated from data service , I need to find the selected row and need to fetch the values of selected row and column (example : travel request id)

@Naveen.Ch ,

Please follow below.

  1. Go to table control
  2. Click on Event control
  3. Create rule
  4. Transfer selected table Value wherever is required as ID or other field



I had created the rule but not sure how to get the selected row value

Currently I had set hard coded value

Hi @Naveen.Ch , I hope the below example helps.

  • I have 2 entities - Employee and Department entity
  • I have bound the employee entity to table control to fetch all values from the employee entity
  • Then I added a couple of text boxes to show the employee details of the selected row from the table. So when a row is clicked, it shows the details of the selected row
  • I also added another table that is bound to the department entity and has a filter to show the department based on the selected row in the employee table control

@Arvind_Kumar1 thank you for connecting and helping to fix issue

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