Filter and delete specific rows

I have an excel column and I need to filter it that every row with 0 is shown. After that I have to delete all these rows.
How can I do this?

I’ve attached a template of a way to do this. All you need to do is the read the data in adn then use the datatable filter activity to remove the desired rows :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (5.4 KB)

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But when I start this I always get this error:


Try checking what the column name should be or use the index of the column instead

I tried it with the index because I don’t have a column name but it still doesn’t work. It’s always the same error

Can you send the excel file?

I’m not allowed to upload any attachment

Okay in the filter dattable activity did you change the number to 51 with no quotation marks?

yes, but it still doesn’t work

Can you send a screenshot of the filter wizard please?


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Try removing the “add headers” attribute from the read rnage activity. I’ve got it working in this text scenario: (24.3 KB)

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Thank you, it works :grin:

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