How can we remove the rows?

Hi Everyone,

I want to delete rows which is having “-” this special character in can i do that.
can anyone tell me.
the excel is looks like below image

Thanks in advance

@Swam_Pitla Use Regex Expression

you can use filter datatable activity…

Hi @monika.c Thanks for ur response

I have already tried Filter Datatable there is Headers on top of it possible to give column number or cell id instead of Column Name.

1.Use assign activity…

2.Then use read range activity…and pass range as…A4:RowsCount

3After that use filter datatable activity…and pass your column name.


Check with this xaml, place the xlsx file in your desktop and run the xaml.
I have done it using Excel.Extension package, which is a UiPath Team Package.

DeleteRowInExcel.xaml (10.2 KB) Trans.xlsx (10.1 KB)