Filling Multiple Blank Tabs on Web Using Excel Data

I am quite new to RPA and I would like to ask a question on dynamic selectors and how I can fill multi row blank tabs using my excel data.
Below is the format of my data

On the other hand,
my excel data has 1 row for each shift name - start time - end time - shift type etc.
I.e :
XX - 10:00 - 16:00 - YY
YY - 12:00 - 18:00 - YY

For each column, webctrl id=* logic follows as , 10 - 24 - 33 - 42 - 51 - 60 and so on

I understand that I need to create a dynamic selector variable and loop it through both the selectors and the rows of my data?

What would be the proper way of defining the dynamic selectors, looping them with the above logic and writing each row data to web form uploaded above ?

Thank you

Hey @josephig15,

  1. First of all you need the selector of each box.
  2. Put them into For Each Row
  3. There’s a property of For Each Row i.e., ‘INDEX’ which is of type Int32(default value is 0) so use it in your dynamic selector. So your dynamic selector keep on increasing with every interaction.
    Make sure to increase the value of index accordingly. Suppose row is at initial position idx=‘2’, then use assign INDEX=INDEX+2, then idx=’{INDEX}’.

I believe this will help you.

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