Filling blank Tabs in different rows in a web application using data from excel

Hi, I was trying to fill blank tabs in a web application using data from excel sheet using UIpath. But the entire excel data seems to fill only the tabs in a single row. I had used “For Each” activity to get the data from excel and all the data is filling into the same row like a loop. It is not going to the next set of rows. How can I fill different rows using the excel data?

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Hey @gaya3,

Welcome to the UiPath community !!.

-Use Excel application scope and read range to read the data from the excel which will return you a datatable as output.

-Iterate the datatable using foreach row and use the typeinto activity inside the foreach row to type in the value in the tabs.Also make sure the selector has to be dynamic in this case.


  • use excel application scope and read range to read the excel sheet and store it in a variable.say dt1
    -now use for each row and give input as dt1
    -inside the body use open browser activity and use type into activity to write data in the blanks and give like this row(“column name”).tostring use same type into activity to write to next blanks and give row(“column name”).tostring give simultaneously based on your rows.plz let me know if anything goes wrong
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Thanks for the reply. But can you tell me how to make the selector dynamic? Is it by using “*” in the common fields?

Hey @gaya3,

Yes,you get it right.use wildcards for that purpose.

Thank you. I will let you know if something goes wrong.

wildcards? I am sorry, I have just started using UIPath and I am not familiar with that keyword.

Hey @gaya3,

*,? are the wildcards used in UiPath.

  • Asterisk (*) – replaces zero or more characters
  • Question mark (?) – replaces a single character

okay. Thanks

Can the same method be used for Workbook? Excel is not available in my pc.
I am using LibreOffice sheet actually, instead Microsoft Excel.
And excel application scope is not working for LibreOffice

Use Workbook Activity, it doesn’t require MS office. Cheers @gaya3

Hey @gaya3,

You need to visit the uipath activities guide but i guess excel application scope is specifically designed to work with microsoft excel files but i am not sure about it.


yea, even I think it works specifically for Microsoft office

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@gaya3 yeah buddy you can use workbook activity also and to download the excel package uipath.excel.activties give like this buddy

how do i fill in the blank tabs in web application from excel, all the details of the blank tabs are in the same column. how do i separate them and fill each tab

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Hi Joywin, try making the selectors of these columns dynamic. You can do that by replacing the changing parameters with an ‘*’ symbol.