Filling excel data in two Forms

I need to fill 2 forms from an Excel Sheet.
Some of my data from the excel sheet have the same invoice number(they are colored the same - same batch). A batch(having same Invoice number) can have 2 or 3 rows.

I need to fil Form 1 with the first row of a batch(consist of 2/3 rows) and then Form 2 with the data from Row 1 + Row 2 + Row3(same batch).

Then I start again with Form 1 with a new batch and so on…

Please find attached the document explaining steps. What types of For loop should I write so that I don’t write Row 2/3 of Batch 1 in Form 1 again.
I tried with singe entries(no same Invoice number) and it works fine. Below is the xaml file.
Batch_Bot.pdf (980.5 KB) Control_Union_Data_Entry.xaml (86.3 KB)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Yudhisteer_Chintaram1,

There is an option if the sequence of doing form is flexible:

  1. Start with Data Scraping with output datatable var as dt1
  2. Use Remove Duplicate Rows and output datatable var as dt2
  3. Do for each loop using dt2 to fill in Form 1.
  4. Do for each loop using dt1 to fill in Form 2.

Kah Liang