Input duplicate data into row


I have this table as shown below. I have already inserted it as a Datatable but now I want all the rows who have the same “Batch” number to have the same “Quantity”. I will then need to export it as an excel.

Can you tell me which “Activities” or how I can do it please?


Follow the below steps…
OriginalDT in the below screenshot is your original table in the first image

Also, have attached the workflow TwoForEach.xaml (11.9 KB)


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


Check this below workflow reduced with linq queries, @Yudhisteer_Chintaram1
Uipath_InputDuplicateData.xaml (12.8 KB) and also check the output file attached Duplicate_Output.xlsx (7.4 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

Hi Pravin

Thanks for the help!I t works!
I am not that proficient in UIPath. Could you please explain your steps?

  1. What does varUniqueDT does?
  2. And your For loop?



  1. varUniqueDT is a variable of data table type which is just holding all the unique batches with non-empty quantity.
  2. Then I’m looping through each unique value data table and updating the original data table where the batch number is matching.
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