How to loop through a set of data in an excel file and fill a form

I have an excel page with values of 3 different items , i do not want to hardcode and enter the data. What will be the best way to loop through the 3 groups of data and enter the details

Assuming that the A2 cell will be a Header in your datatable you can use:

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How do i distinguish the 3 datatables?

You can create a counter variable and assign it to 1 before the For Each activity.
Then inside the sequence that submits the form increment the counter by 1, this tells you in what table of the excel you are.
Than do your logic on the “Fill the form” part.

I am trying to execute it can you please give me the xaml or tell me what is there in the last writeline?


I don’t have the xaml anymore. In the WriteLine the text is:
"Fill the form. Table: " & tableNumber & ", " & row(0).ToString