Filling entire column with same value


How to fill entire column in excel with same value. my excel consists of a table and its range will be changing daily. whatever is the range, i should create a new column and fill “NA” for that range.

Can someone help me here pls.

Hi @Sirisha_Siri ,

Using the Datatable Approach, we can Add a New Column to the Datatable with a Default Value which will Update the Value to all the rows of that Column.

You can then Write the Updated Datatable back to the Excel.

can u pls elaborate more, i am new to ui path

@Sirisha_Siri ,

You Can Check with the Below Steps :

  1. Read the Excel File as a Datatable using Workbook Read Range Activity. We get the Output as a Datatable, Let’s say DT be the name of the datatable variable.

  2. Next use Add Data Column Activity and Configure the Properties as Shown Below :


This will Create an Additional Column Named "New Column" and all the Values of that Column will be set to NA

  1. Next, write the Updated DT back to the Excel using WorkBook Write Range Activity.

Thankyou so much @supermanPunch … what if column is already created in excel and we need to update all values in that column with NA

Use the For Each Row in Data Table activity which works like a for loop for data tables and in the loop use the assign activity to to assign to enter the value you want.

Replace “Name” with the column name or you can use the column index, CurrentRow(column index).

@Sirisha_Siri ,

In that Case, You can delete that Column using Remove Data Column Activity first then add it again as mentioned previously.




Use Auto Fill Range activity fill NA to entire column.

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