How can i update data only one coloumns all row

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sample i want to add Grade A to every one

Have a look at the Datacolumn.Expression approach described here:

Another technique is about:

  • prepare an empty table with single column and default value
  • merge it with the table (e.g. yours with id,name,gender,age cols)

For sure the classical for each row approach will also work

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Hi @Phunya

Try this.



If it is one single value then use write cell on first cell and write A then use auto fill range to fill the data till bottom

Else if you want to reqd to datatable and fill then

Dt.Columns(“Grade").Expression = "’A’" use this in assign and A is filled in all rows


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You can use the write cell activity with a count variable and set the cell to write in as “E”+Count.tostring and it will increment through the spreadsheet

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Hi @Phunya ,

Assuming you would want to use Datatable methods,

If you want to add a constant value to all values of the Column, then you could try with the below Expression in Assign Activity :

DT.Columns("Grade").Expression = "'A'"

DT is the Datatable variable.

The above method also assumes that you already have the Grade Column present.

If Grade Column is not present and is to be added, then using Add Data Column Activity with Column Name as Grade with DefaultValue set as "A" should also help to achieve your result.


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