ExcelAutoFillRange - with no increment

Making use of Excel Auto Fill Range. However getting the problem that values are incremented. I’m trying to find a solution that would give me the same as dragging while holding down the CTRL-key (if that makes any sense).


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You can use write Range activity with a value you want to copy.

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Hi Harthik, could you elaborate?

The Write Range takes a DataTable as input - I’m not sure how to copy for example Range A1:F1 to Range A2:F10

In this case you can use Write Cell Activity.

Write Cell Activity, Range = “A1:F1”, Value = “value to be written”

Karthik Byggari

But really I’m seeking a solution that would append to an existing range in Excel - reusing the formulas defined there.

So, you want to copy paste one range to another range.

In this case, you can use the following activity. It will copy formulas too.

Please let me know if you are looking for this.

Thank you! Had overlook that for some reason.

Only drawback, in my case, is that it can’t copy a range of 1 row to a range of 10 rows. I’d have to iterate 10 times.

I think you can give the SourceRange “A1:F1” and destination cell “A2”
So it will copy till F10.

Please check it.