Filling a web form using excel sheet values

I have an excel sheet containing different fields. I need to enter these fields to a form including text box, drop down and checkbox.After entering these values, i need to click save button and iterate this for all entries.What can i do to complete this?Is there any way to connect web page to excel sheet?


Use Open Browser - for opening the browser

For Reading Excel - You can use Read Range Activity

For iteration - :You can use For Each Row activity

Hope this helps


Use Excel Application scope in that give excel file path
Use read range to read data from that sheet (Enter valid sheet name) And store output in DT

Then use for each row for that DT
Then it will iterate row wise
u can extract data from that row using
Row(“Name”).Tostring this is for Name column like wise you can use
For text Box use Type into
Dropdown- Use Select item


How can i write extracted data from excel sheet to the corresponding fields in web page.

Use type into in for each row

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