Fill data in web from from an array

Hi. I have an array containing data in the same order to be filled in the web form. How do i fill that data in the form and summit it ?


Hi @raviranjan,

You can use type into to write data.

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@raviranjan Use for each activity and inside the for each use type into activity

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you use the type into activity in the following format assuming data is your array and all the boxes in the web form can be accessed using tab key and using enter in the end to submit it.

data(1)+ “[k(tab)]” + data(2) + “[k(tab)][k(enter)]”

I have used type into activity and tab after that. But, in the next iteration of “for each” activity the cursor shifts back to first element and keeps adding all the data to first box only. I’ve tried modifying selector for the type Into activity(it was using ‘idx’ attribute like 1,2,3… to differentiate b/w fields. I simply removed idx attribute).
Attaching SS for further clarifiacation.
Also attaching the SS of workflow I’m using:

if you try entering the data manually in the web form and you dont have a mouse, what key would you use to move from one box to another?

tab !

i just saw your SS again and your type into activity is at the Name box, hence when it loops back it is going back there

Yup. I told you that i tried to modify the selector for it as well. Maybe i’m wrong in that part. It s using idx attribute and i simply removed it from the selector. Is it right ?

@anil5 @pavanh003 can you guys help out here?

I think I am running short on brains here.

:rofl: Okay guys. Will look into it and will wait for any help.

Hi @raviranjan,

Create different variables like name, description etc and from the array store the individual values to the above variables and use type into activities.

Can you tell what your rowdata has ?


So, in that case you can have dynamic selectors, like having some counter variable based on your selector and then for example lets say tabCol changes like 1 next time 2 and continue like that, so in this case you can have a counter variable that defines the tabCol attribute of selector and increment it based on length from one attribute to other which you can try from UiExplorer for more reliable selectors, use this concept and it will sove the issue.

Pavan H


Creating different variables is not an option in my case as the data is coming from excel sheet and the variables are the column name of the excel sheet and hence is dynamic. And also some of the sheets have like 50 columns. So, creating 50 variables looks vague.

Rowdata(array) has the data in the sequence to be filled in web form.

Okay. Will try that and keep you posted if any help needed.

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In that case the rowdata are separated by space, if yes split by space and directly use index to access the values and use type into to fill in the web form

I guess your point is to iterate over the array using the indices. Well, how will it be different from using for each activity to iterate ?

Then if you know the answer why there is still a discussion on this topic.

I apologize if something went down the wrong way. I just wanted to say that iteration is not a problem but jumping to next box of the form is. As in the next iteration of array the pointer keeps shifting to the previous element of input box and keeps appending the value to same box despite of using “Tab”.

Having a dynamic selector is also not working. The input fields have “idx” attribute which doesn’t have any pattern hence incrementing the value is not working. I’ve tried using wildcard “*” too. But its not working. I read on some other discussion that sometimes wildcards does not work for “idx” attribute(attaching the link).

I’m stuck. Any help please !!