Excel problem

Hello guys ! Im new to UiPath and i have a project to do for college and i have no idea what i’m doing wrong.I have to make it so that based on those 2 that says “da” to result “passed” or “failed”
but all i get is “name?” and when i tried to put quotation marks between them it gives me some compiler error,end of expression expected.

Link with what i get : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Kindly share the screenshot

apparently i can only put one screenshot since im new

@wizzif0rce - write cell is for writing the value to only one cell(i guess).you have to use write range…

I see what you are trying to do…since you are new to UiPath…i would suggest to try this Studiox…Here is what you can do…

  1. First write the formula in only one cell
  2. then use fill range to expand the formula to other cells…

Please check this post, where i have provided similar solution…you can download the xaml from here and see how i built the formula and used the fill range

ok thanks.I’ll try