Conversion of Excel string to double

Hello friends,

I’m converting excel file column to double and doing sum,

the values are attachedsampleuipath.xlsx (9.8 KB)

but when using:

SumCC40 = SumCC40+Cdbl(CurrentRow(“Column15”).ToString.Replace(".",""))

it does not give right values , it seems that there is an “,” which is not taked in consideration

any help please

try this


is this “.” a thousand separator and “,” decimal as German formats the number. if this is the case then you don’t need to replace any of character. see UiPath localization pages.

Hello Friends,

I’m stack in this Excel file, i want to sum the “Column15”, i used : Cdbl, convert.todouble, but the result is the same: 62217013 instead of 622170,13
any help please :slight_smile:

Excel File.xlsx (268.1 KB)

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