File name prompt while selecting

In activities that involve a file like Excel Scope, Read PDF and the like, it would be great if we press ctrl+ space for prompts and the names of the files in the current folder gets listed.

Like how when we type “sp” after a string we get prompts of functions and variables that start with sp, if we get files in the current folder that start with sp it will be great.

I remember using an ETL tool where this was available and it made my life easy.

I’m going to say thumbs down on this one - more often than not (like 90:10) we’re using variables built from other activities/assets for file paths instead of directly pointing to files. This would mess up the flow of work for our devs.

Unless it would be a toggable option - more power to all users then.


I agree.
Passing file names through variables and arguments slipped my mind when i typed this.