file.FullName not updating?

Hey everyone!

In the current process I am designing, I am downloading a file from the browser and moving it from the downloads folder to the folder where I want it stored.

The problem comes when I want to open that Excel File, and I am using dataFile.FullName, as you can see above, which is supposed to store the full path of the file, but using dataFile.Fullname does not hold the new path, which is in another folder now instead of the downloads folder. When I run the process it tries to open the Excel File from the downloads folder, but shouldn’t it try to open it from the new path as indicated by the variable dataFile.Fullname?

Hi @ccastrejsan,

If you haven’t assigned the new path to datafile.fullname then it will still refer to the old file. I would assign the new path to a separate variable and then refer to that in your excel app scope.

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Hello @ccastrejsan

Is the move file acitvity working properly here?

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Yes, it is working fine

I will try this and write you back as soon as i can. Thanks!

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