File and Folder Automation in StudioX - Practice - Adding a Versioning Number

This course is designed so you can also learn from your fellow learners, particularly through the forum topics.

If you need help with the Adding a Versioning Number practice, post a question as a reply below. To increase your chances of being helped, be as descriptive as possible. Include in your comment:

  • A description of your issue: when is it happening, what activity you have trouble with.
  • A screenshot of your error.
  • You can also attach your automation project.

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This course is a bit complex considering the number of variables saved for later use. It took me a while to grasp the idea behind the “Get Folder Info” activity. The documentation helped.
We move…

Interesting activity. I’d love to hear a better explanation of the “why” behind what we are doing as it relates to StudioX. As someone else commented, we are creating a lot of variables and I haven’t been able to wrap my head around why and when we need to use them. I can follow the example and thank goodness for the solution, but am missing some of the “why” we are doing what we are doing which will allow me to operate solo going forward. I was good up until this module but this one is not clear yet. I’m hoping I’ll gain more clarity as I move on. A separate solution video that breaks down the solution and steps explaining why we are doing what we are doing would be very helpful as I’m definitely more of an audio / visual learner.

Solution zip file is not updated. A lot of resources are not available when you try to run it.

Stuck but smoothen after going through docs.

Hi there,

Got stuck a couple of times. Going through the resources helps a lot. Managed to complete but still not clear why I had to create some of the “save for later use” variables.


At first, I ran into an issue where, even though I used Browse For Folder during automation, automation failed/errored out with message that it could not find specified folder. I realized I had accidentally used InputFolderInfo variable in the In folder field of For Each File in Folder. Fixed it, and the automation was successful regardless of which folder I browsed to. :grinning: Successful automation - woot!

Hello! I am getting a message that the file could not be found. Does anyone know how to clear a saved value of a variable?

Hi Jessika,

Are you still working on this?

Hey Natalie,

I was able to resolve it. Thank you.

This was a great practice to show how UiPath makes it easy to add versioning numbers to documents in a folder and to the folder itself. An excellent way to ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date version. The RobotPath took me step by step through creating the robot.