Select Folder does not work

I’m studying “Variables, Data Types and Control Flow”, I’m following video demo “For Each”.
I tried to do the same exercise but when I execute it appear for two seconds my desktop and after this the execution stopped without errors but without allow me to choose the folder.
I tried to close all the applications opened, but not nothing changed.
Could someone help me please.
Many thanks

Hi @MariaClaudia,
Please attach bigger screenshots because it’s hard to see you workflow.

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Is ok?

All seems to be fine. Are you trying to run whole workflow or only this one xaml? Can you share the project so I could check it on mi side. Additionally please check your .Net Framework version.

In the explanation there were three different sequences, when I executed “RenameInvoices” nothing appeared and at the end it started the “Main” sequences, that show another message. So I created a new project that contain only the “RenameInvoices” but it doesn’t work at the same shen I click “run”.
How can I share the project with you?


You can check using this tutorial:

All looks good. Are you able to share your project so I could check it on my side?

Hi, how can I share my project?

You can zip your folder with project and upload here using this button image (2.9 KB)

All seems to be fine. I think instead of Run File you are choosing Run option which by default will start the xaml which is set as Main. In you project Main.xaml is empty so you have two options:

  • use run file instead of run
  • set your RenameInvoices.xaml as mail in project pane.

You are right, but what is the difference between “run” and “run file”? Now it works!

I’m sorry, I study the differences between “Run” and “Run File”, many thanks for your precious support.

As I said Run is starting whole project and by default is starting from this xaml which is set as Main (you can change which one is it on Project pane). By default Main.xaml is set as Main. So in your case Run option was starting empty Main.xaml file.

Run File option is starting currently highlighted/opened xaml in your Studio.

Thanks again