File and Folder Automation in StudioX - Course Reflection

The more I do the courses, the more I realize I like RPA. Though I had a few difficulties with getting it to work on my macbook, then trying on a windows desktop and running into errors, and back to my macbook.

This assignment was not as difficult as the other one, probably because I am getting a hang of it. Although, when I got to the quizzes, I couldn’t answer the questions properly for a few tries, but I’m excited to learn more.

I could learn some more about the Activities that we can use in UiPath StudioX and how to mix them together to achieve something meaningful. Besides that, I also could understand more about the differences in then many values that exist for a variable i.e. when we select a variable, some options show up and I could understand more about the difference among them in this course, especially with the use of the Write Line Activity, which made it possible to see the content of a variable. This is very useful!

What was particularly challenging on this exercise was to know how to use the name and full name variables when I had to rename files or folders. I was a bit puzzled with those, but after using the Write Line Activity, I could understand which was the one I needed for the hands on exercise.

I am quite happy for all the courses I have been doing so far here in UiPath Academy and very excited to learn more about RPA and StudioX. Now I am more confident to make more complex robots. :robot: :heart: :man_technologist:

I have genuinely found this course very interesting. I have fought with all the errors by my own, handling all the error were challenging for me but while writing a solution I really enjoyed every activity,

Hey guys,
In other trainings I looked for, UiPath Studio was always presented and not StudioX. In these initial courses that I’m taking at the Academy working with StudioX, I see that it is ideal for those starting a journey in RPA automations.
Congratulations to everyone who developed this work

Sheessh! I struggled with this one especially on getting the “Browse for folder” Activity, but finally after alot of repetition and almost giving up, I managed!