Fetching the URL,UserName,Password from Excel Limited only need to get n No.of records



Hi Team,
I Have tried few data available in excel I call that values using variables and I do certain Process

Example: in my excel file I have the URL, UserName, Password (2 Records Available)

I call that excel file to throw try-catch Activity and then using the Activity For each row in that again using try-catch activity I am searching for “Start Date” and "End Date " and then Records are save in one location.
In for each row Activity --> open browser–> if condition to open my 1st URL in excel file.
so i am using if condition i can able to read the values from my excel only two values only here ?

if condition true execute the 1st part and continuously execute the second part too in my XAML file

But Know I need to do the same action for plenty of times like 50,60 times?

in my, Excel file I have nearly 70 records for URL, UN, PD too but I can able to execute the 1st two records and fetch the details too?

so what about the remaining one how can I do rest of the process in my XAML file itself?

Any idea for this scenario

Thanks and Regards