Loop in Excel



I did a flowchart where I go to different website and I collect price on different movies. It’s done and it seems to work.

But now, I want the software to go automaticaly to the second line in the excel form and make the same process again and again.

Testing.zip (15.4 KB)

Edit: I got this message when I launch the process.



in your example you are reading an empty datatable(My_Datatable). Use a Read Range-activity where you read the excel-sheet and save it to My_Datatable. Then you have data in there which you can access.



Hi @Ste,

Please see the attached updated the xaml. I have use the “data row” activity to get the values then used the Assign activity and incremented the value to write into cells. I am not sure of xaml perfection since I did not check the xaml. Because my Uipath has some issue to connect to IE. But this would work. Please let me know if it works.

Main.xaml (64.7 KB)



@Topi : Oh maybe that’s the problem, I will check it thank you

@Rahul: It seems to have a problem I did a Screenshot.


Hello @Ste,

I checked your workflow, please see the attached xaml for your reference.

Main.xaml (21.7 KB)



Hi @Ste,

Please find the attachment .Sample - Superstore Sales (Excel).xls (2.9 MB)
Excel testing.xaml (10.8 KB)