Get info in Excel (Single Cell in a Row), process steps on Web then do the same thing on the next row until end

On my project, i have an Excel File with data only in 1 Column and these data are in Multiple Rows. I need to get the data on the first row, using that data i will be processing some steps on the web, once done, i need to get the data on the second row and do the same steps on the web as i did for the first row. This needs to continue until all the data in excel are processed. Need help guys. Thank you!

Hi @AlvinCondes

1.Use “Read Range” to get the data in excel as datatable.
2.With “For Each Row” activity , this will take one data at a time
Put all your web related activities inside the for each row

This will take the data from one cell perform all the web actions and then fetch the next until all the data is processed from the data table.