Feb Update affects Click OCR Text

After the latest update, Click OCR Text stopped working with an error Activity timeout exceeded.
Before the latest update, everything was working fine.
I’m currently using it with Tesseract OCR.
Is this a bug on the latest update?

What I tried:

  1. Used CV, element can be recognized.
  2. Used message box to output variable value. Value is the same as element on CV.
  3. Re-do the ‘Indicate Element’ step.
  4. Create again ‘Click OCR Text’ activity with the same parameters.
  5. Tried several OCRs (Microsoft, Uipath, etc.)


Welcome to uipath forum

Make sure you have all these properties modified

  1. Change the Timeout property value as 60000

  2. Change the WaitForReady property as COMPLETE

  3. Change the scale in the ocr engine activity and modify with different scale and give a try

Cheers @Gemson_Lance_Calub

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Thanks. It worked well after this changes! :slight_smile:

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