Inline GetAsset




Is it possible to get an Asset value from Orchestrator inline (to not create superflous variables when it’s only needed for a simple If check f.e.)?

I’ve tried through WorkflowInvoker.Invoke, but it throws that Orchestrator info is not available (even though GetAsset activity clearly works). Syntax is correct, checked with other activities and invoking them like that works.

Of course it’s nothing critical etc., but it would be nice to know how to do it to keep workflow length/variables count in check.



Shameless bump. Anyone?


I don’t quite get it…but aren’t you using a local variable (with a limited scope where you just do the checks)?


Yes, that’s what I’m doing now.

Question is - is it possible to call it inline, so instead of things like this:
GetAsset -> "someBoolFlag" GetAsset -> "someStringAddress" OpenBrowser -> someStringAddress if (someBoolFlag) { do stuff }

it could be:
OpenBrowser -> GetAsset(Of String)("someStringAddress") if (GetAsset(Of Bool)("someBoolFlag") { do stuff }

Effect is the same, it’s just that a lot of the assets are used once (or once per workflow) - address to open, bool flag to switch processing steps, int counters to limit something etc. Adding a separate activity and a variable for it most of the time feels like wasted actions and space on the designer (especially for bool flags).
Of course, there are some that are used throughout, but those can still be used as-is.
Idea came from the fact that from useability perspective GetAsset works like an Assign with the rhs being a webrequest.

Alternatively, if an actual config could be stored in Orchestrator and fetched once, then used similar to app.config, it would be even better, but that’s a much bigger change.


I like this idea and it is linked with Global Variables. Having a config dictionary. However it will take time.
How many config items are you using per process?


Up to 20 for a regular process would be a good estimate - most of them single-use, some a couple times, 1-3 per process are used throughout. Depends on the specifics really. I know of one process that would shoot way past that number without a hitch.
In most projects though, we didn’t put everything we might’ve wanted to assets, especially in projects migrated from older versions. Making it easier to use data from configs would definitely with that.