Feature Request : Add an integrated option to create custom types of data

Good afternoon, colleagues!
I see the need for the majority of the automated process development community - the possibility of custom data types.
From the point of view of development - obviously it will give more flexibility and readability of the code, and from the point of view of integration into the current environment, it can be done even by the input of data types in Nupkg, which will increase the potential of UiPath marketplace.

There are already 2 options to handle this:

  • via Data Service where object properties can be defined
  • via custom Activities where one can create the necessary namespaces.

Please let me know if you tried any and what else is messing.


Can you give an example of a custom datatype and why you’d use it?

Referring to the applications of user data types and classes, I could give the following example:
Create an object that describes a document obtained from the system. The document contains fields that can be related. It would be possible to insert functions in this object for initial checks or calculations at once, for example, by receiving the amount and VAT of the document, you could write the function getVATPercent() and get a percentage of the tax.
This will help to avoid the accumulation of Assign activitis code and help to get closer to the OOP model standard for .NET.

You can do this in Visual Studio and add it to your UiPath project.

Yes ,you are right, but as I proposed earlier this could be much more convenient if it would be an integrated feature(option).

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Hey @Voinalovych_Andrii

Would you say that the above mentioned Data Service could potentially fit your use case? The functions is a slightly different use case, I will admit, but for simply fetching properties of an object, you could treat one row as one object and directly fetch its properties (the columns already come up in IntelliSense output).