Define Custom Types in a.Net Class Library and publish the same to UIPath

We would want to define custom type in a .Net Class Library (C# or VB.Net) and how to make this library available in the UIPath’s Type window. (i.e) The Custom types defined by us should be available in the Browse and Select a .Net Type.

Karthikeyan Karuppanan

Well, this link talks about creating custom activity… The question I had raised is about defining custom types based on the domain and use the same from UIPath, for (e.g) I want following types to be made available so that we can define variables of these types in UIPath,

e.g types Customer, Address, Quote, Policy etc…

Is it possible to write a set of lines in C# or in uipath? Is there an activity in UIPath that allows us to write programs or functions to performs certain logic? It’s too tedious to use assign, invoke method activities to map every program statement in the code… ?

Hi @k.karthikeyan

Of course! Please look into those:

The Invoke Code activity supports, but there are other activities to run code in Java and Python, with C# on the horizon for future releases :slight_smile:


OK thanks.

yes You can also create a class library and make nuGet file then added to the packages of the UiPath, and from UiPath studio you can use your custom class through invoke code