Create own variable types (classes/data structures)


I think it would be awesome if there was an easy way to define an own data structure or class (only properties, no methods) in UiPath Studio.

For example, if I had a RPA job which processes cars (just as sample) I would like to create a variable type “car” which has different properties like manufacturer (string), color (string), top speed (float), weight (int), tires (list) etc.

This would allow me to easily pass objects (i.E. a car) from one workflow to another workflow (via invoke wf). If I want to do something like this now, I have to either
a) create a variable for each property and pass a long list of arguments (manufacturer, color, etc,). This can quickly become confusing and is hard to maintain as soon as I need a new property
b) create i.e. a dictionary which is then restricted to one datatype (ie dictionary). This is ok but also a little bit nasty imho.

I know this might be hard to implement. But if there is a way, I think this would enrich and simplifiy a lot of workflows.



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