How to create Custom Objects

Hello guys,

I am new to the forum and UiPath. I was wondering if it is possible to create your own objects.
For example:

Object Person:

1st Field: First Name (String)
2nd Field: Last Name (String)
3rd Field: Collection(Hobbies)

Object Hobbies:

1st Field: HobbyName(String)
2nd Field: HobbyDescription(String)

I need to build something similar to my example ( I know It looks like JAVA ).

The concept is to read data from an excel and be able to append the values in nested collections like in JAVA using the dot notation

Below links might help (Programming is in .NET):

Thank you for the answer, however, I meant using the collections and the data types that are already provided by UiPath, without writing your own code.

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This topic could help:

Entity model is planned for a future release (I don’t have any details though). It’s nice to see others looking for similar solutions as well, as that might help getting it earlier :wink:



Thanks for letting me now, If I manage to encounter this issue I will let you know