Feature idea: Store OTP tokens in Orchestrator

So when it comes to 2FA it is getting harder. In one real world scenario there was need to login to Google account using 2FA that has been set in place. However, to replicate the action of human to take a look at Google Authenticator app and enter the code is very hard.
Some will suggest using Twillio.
However, the Google Authenticator is not a rocket science. It stores the key based on an initial “code” (seed) that is passed to that phone via the QR code.

So all this can be solved by

  1. some desktop app that will save the OTP and robot can retrieve it from it (like 2fast or Authy)
  2. this brilliant activity package: Two-Factor Authentication Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
  3. or (that is the idea) what about having in Orchestrator assets possibility to also store these OTP tokens based on the initial code?

That would mean -1 activity package to use / -1 desktop app to use and definitely +9999 happy devs! :smiley:

What do you think?

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Thanks for the post. it is informative.