Need to Store Multiple Credentials in One Asset

i need to store 17 credential in Orchestrator so i have to stored them separately. So can we do something like we already have robot specific and we can many robots to use same credential.
What i want: I created one Asset (or may be folder) in which i am storing 17 credentials, its easy for me to manage.

Hi @sachinbhardwaj

Could you please share a bit more about your use case? How would you like to configure such an asset in Orchestrator and how would you like to use in Studio?

Hi @loginerror , thankyou for asking.

So basically my robot is going to login into same application for different users (Let’s say 10), so every user has different credential. So we need to store their credential in orchestrator and we need to create 10 Assets (Type: Credential). So i was saying can we create a folder and then we can have 10 credential in a single folder. So its makes easy to manage.

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Thank you for elaborating :slight_smile: Thus, a feature that would allow you to group credentials together.
I’ll add your idea to our internal tracker for our team to consider.

In the meantime, you might want to consider the Data Service entities. You could in theory create an entity that would store your credentials (1 row = 1 credential), but you would of course need to use something like the Cryptography activity pack to encrypt and decrypt your records

Oh that’s very nice, i did not know about this. I can try this. Thanks!