Fatal Error when Invoke Workflow

Hi everyone.
I’m having this error when trying to invoke SetTransactionStatus workflow in a REF:
“message”: “SetTransactionStatus.xaml failed: The values provided for the root activity’s arguments did not satisfy the root activity’s requirements:\r\n’SetTransactionStatus’: The following keys from the input dictionary do not map to arguments and must be removed: io_CounterNewPending. Please note that argument names are case sensitive. (Parameter ‘rootArgumentValues’) at Source: System.Activities”

I have the io_CounterNewPending as an in/out argument with type Int32. When running the process it doesnt accees to the workflow because that error. I already try modifying the name of the argument and the variable of input and output of the argument (it is also an Int32 variable).

The business problem is that I need a counter for the business exceptions.

Please help! THANKS TEAM!

just go to the part where the xaml is invoked and click on import arguments (should be orange now) then check also the argument wirings

Hi @jose_rlc1

  1. Check Argument Names: Verify that the names of the arguments in the invoking workflow (the caller) match the names of the arguments in the “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” workflow (the callee). The names must be identical, including the capitalization.
  2. Check Argument Types: Ensure that the data types of the arguments in the caller match the data types of the arguments in the callee. For example, if you have an Int32 argument in the callee, the corresponding argument in the caller should also be of type Int32.
  3. Check Argument Direction: If the “io_CounterNewPending” argument is defined as an in/out argument in the “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” workflow, it should also be defined as an in/out argument in the invoking workflow. The direction (In, Out, or In/Out) must be consistent between the caller and callee.
  4. Import “SetTransactionStatus.xaml”: Make sure that the “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” workflow is correctly imported or referenced in the invoking workflow. Check if the import statement is correct and that the file is in the correct location.

Hope it helps!!