Calculate client security hash : get transaction data error

Hello, im working on one of the use cases in the RE-Framework deep dive and im stuck in the GetTransactionData.xaml.

After I get the data from the acme website, I assign the table to an out_argument and Invoke the workflow in the right stage of the Init process, I then pass the arguments to the GetTransactionData.xaml and when I run the process I get an error that says:

If: Value cannot be null. Parameter name source.

Has anyone encountered this problem or a similar? If so, how did you fix this? Ive been stuck for the past day.

Thanks in advance

Hi @c.gomez.martinez

Try this


Thank you for the response, over the weekend I messed around with the variables and arguments and I was able to fix the problem. I believe I had an assign activity in the wrong workflow pointing to the wrong argument. So I assigned my table to a variable on the first workflow and then invoke it in another with an in_argument and that seemed to solve the error.