Failure while scraping native PDF


I faced with very strange problem, i saw that there are few topics related to problem with scraping native PDF, i’ve tried all of solutions and none of them is working for me.

I have native PDF file, and while i’m trying to get specified data all i can scrape is full text, i can’t point to the field i want to scrape.

I was trying to resolve this problem by editing Accessibility options, i tried edit XOblejct view mode, even i tried to reinstall older (now using 2018.4) UiPath studio,

I have Windows 7, with all need SDK ( i think so ), NET.Framework 4.7.2 and Adobe Reader DC 2019.010

I did try to run inspect.exe and then scrape PDF but still problem exists.

Do you have any other idea what i can do ? What do i have to install ?