Failing to install packages

Hi Friends - I moved a project from UAT to prod but out of the 6 packages needed-only 4 have installed, the others keep bringing up this error.Ive been on this for a few hours and I dont seem to be covering any ground…What could be the issue? Packages are UiPath.webapi.activities and UiPath.testing.activities.

@odure It looks like the uploaded nupkg file in the prod is missing those two specified packages.
Try to open the nupkg in the studio and verify if UiPath.webapi.activities and UiPath.testing.activities packages are available and there are no errors in the project tab.
If missing then try to install from Manage package and then re-publish it to orchestrator.
Also please check if Studio version and the Orchestrator version are both same!
Incase the issue still persists, then do share more details around the error as in screenshot of project tab to verify the package status.