UI Explorer

I am trying to automate data entry into a web based tool. When I attempt to identify the control with the UI Explorer (which I have successfully used in the past with other robots in UIPath), I seem to be getting a lot of “<webctrl css-selector=” selectors and not much else. The only difference between the controls is the idx value which the explorer does not identify as selectable. Please help.

Hi @craig.evert Could you pleas elaborate more about your problem.
As I can see there is idx =6 already in the below panel. If you want to loop over, you could replace the 6 with a counter(Working with idx is not a good practice though as it is not reliable. But if that works best, you can try )

Perhaps it is an understanding issue. I have honestly reviewed online documentation before I asked the question. My understanding is that css-selector is a style sheet reference and NOT a means of identifying an element. As you can see from my post, ALL the selectors are css-selectors in my case. I was expecting something like this. (for example from another bot)

I do note that within the last node in my initial post are tag=‘INPUT’ and idx = ‘6’
here may be my misunderstanding. on the right pane I can see the attributes “tag” but “idx” is not there. Is this because the UI Explorer only selects 2 attributes or is something else at play?

I do not see any other way to work. What would you suggest?

Hey @craig.evert Iam sorry for the delay.
I hope you have already drilled down to the last node in the tree view on left side panel to reach the target element.
One other way I sometimes use is to do a small recording to capture the target element. That helps sometimes to be able to see more options in “selected items” in right panel.