Selectors issue on item

hi all!!!

I do have too select this Group detail


and this group detail open at the bottom and some times open at top, if its open bottom its index number is 12 if it appear at bottom its index vale is 11.

which activities i can use to achieve this which selectors i need to edit.

Thank you!!!


You can try with Regex selector
Here in your selector mention instead of idx attribute mention like this

Idx=‘(11|12)’ matching:idx=‘regex’

Refer this doc for more details

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Try the following

  1. Click on the dropdown to open
  2. Then use click text activity and pass group details as the text to click

Hope this helps


You shouldn’t use idx for exactly this reason. On the left in the Visual Tree what is there if you expand a list item? You need a selector that includes the text of the item to click. Does this input allow you to type? In other words if you click Installed Assets then type Group Details does it select that one?

That isn’t going to work since there will always be both an idx 11 and 12.

we have some doubts on the selector tags

as we do see that it is an Internet Explorer and we would expect html elements with webctrl tags

The above can happen, when:

  • additional technolgies is involved
  • a different UIFramework was selected while taking the selector (F4, Framework change)

So we would suggest to check the application type and the selected UIFramework

When these things are confirmed and you will have to work with this setting, then have a look here:
and check for attributes reflecting the item text (Group Details)

When this property is available, but we do see that it is not offered for selector attributes then we can do the following:

  • Find children Activity - getting all list items: output uiChildren
  • fitlering for the list item e.g.
uiChildren.Where(Function (x) x.Get("YourAttributeName").toString.Trim.Equals("Group Details")).FirstOrDefault

And when it is found, we would use the found uiElement for a click after an addtional click which expands the list