Failed while running jobs from orchestrator

Hi, I recently upgraded studio, robot and orchestrator to UiPath 2018.2.2 (enterprise edition). After upgrade, all production and test jobs are failed with “Execution error : System.Exception: Failed to install package ‘Main.1.0.6733.16632’” exception.

Could you please assist what could the problem here ? Jobs were executed successfully with previous version (2018.1.4). With upgraded version (2018.2.2) , I’m unable to download the packages from robot tray also.

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EDIT: UiPath helpdesk classified this as a bug which will be addressed with a patch the next couple of days

I’m facing a similar issue. Anyone found a solution?

I did rollback to previous version 2018.1.4. It is fine now and will do the upgrade once uipath provides the fix

I met the same problem,after updated studio to version 18.2.3 ,it solved.
The download link:

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I am also facing the same issue while executing job from orchestrator. It fails with below error:

Process: pdfscan
Environment: Development
Robot: MasterRobot
Info: "Execution error : System.Exception: Failed to install package ‘pdfscan.1.0.6773.35757’"
Start Time: 2018/07/19 7:15:22
End Time: 2018/07/19 7:15:26

I am also not able to download the latest Robot from System Tray.

I am on the latest version of RPA
Orchestrator Community 2018.2.3

Any help here would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

you have to re-publish your projects first to the orchestrator, update it on the orchestrator and then run the job.

@yogeshvyas did you find any solution for your problem . we are facing same problem like you . can you please provide the solution

@Vinny24 @yogeshvyas We are facing the same issue while executing job from Orchestrator in 18.2.3, could you guys share your inputs on how you have resolved the issue.

Thanks !!!