Failed to launch UI Explorer!

Installer(.exe or .msi): msi

License type(Free, Trial/License code): License code

Studio/Robot version: 2018.4.2

Current behavior: 2018.1.2



I got the following error message:

Installation Studio 2018.4.2 License code
Starting UIPath Studio --> go to “Tools” and click at Apps on die button UI Explorer

–> Failed to launch UI Explorer!

Does anyone have a suggestion why it could be?
What happens when the button is pressed? Is an internet connection required?

Thanks for tips,



Hi @Just,
Seems that installation of studio can be somehow damaged. You could try to reinstall Studio based on this post:

Eventually please contact with our Technical Support.

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unfortunately did not work.

I deleted the directories before:


First, he needs a bit longer to show the error: Failed to launch UI Explorer!

But it’s the same result.

What happens behind the button?
Access to the internet?

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Which .Net version do you have?

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The last Version I see in the regedit ist v4.0.

But do i need a .net for the studio installation?

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The newest the better. Install the new 4.7.2 version and test if this solves the problem :slight_smile:

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Good idea. Unfortunately not so feasible, because it is a standard image for 5000 computers.

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But I guess this image is somehow provisioned through 5000 machines right? Like VMware golden image or Citrix PVS or Hyper-V image. There’s always a way to perform versioning or test version of image where you can do changes on image without impacting currently running computers from this image.

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There is a lot of technology possible, only the maintenance, test, rolling out a fat client image is not individually designed here.
I’ll try the next two Versions 2018.4.3 and 2018.4.4.
Let’s see what happens there.

PS: happy birthday

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Thank You :slight_smile:

So now on a different environment the installation has been done and UI Explorer can be started. .NET versions are identical. There seems to be a connectivity issue on the non-functioning environment.

Does anyone know what is called there exactly and may need to be unlocked?