Failed to Launch UI Explorer 2021.10.0

Launching UI Explorer shows “Failed to Launch UI Explorer!” message.

  • Issue occurs when launching UiExplorer from Tools menu.
  • Issue occurs when launching from Windows:
  • There are no UiPath error entries in the Application Events log.

Attempts to fix:

  • I uninstalled UiPath, remove my UiPath nuget folders, then reinstalled UIPath.

I can start UIExplorer after opening a project (from the Design Menu).

How can I diagnose and/or fix UiPath to start UiExplorer from the Tools menu?

P.S. I am using Studio 2021.10.0 but UiExplorer.exe 21.4.3 (when launched from studio design menu)
A ProcMon sysinternals log shows UiPath.Explorer.Launcher.exe is not finding UiPath.Activities.Contracts (not sure if this matters).

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Hello Gary,
I have the same behavior here.
Best regards

Ok, I tested on different machine and I have the same behavior.

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You are both right, this is not working as it should. We will investigate.

I see you are aware that you can launch UIExplorer from the Design panel while you have a project opened. Keep in mind this will open the UI Explorer with the same version of the UIAutomation package installed into your project. So if you want a different version for Explorer you just need to install a different UIAutomation package.


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Update: We fixed this and you will see today 2021.10.2 version with the fix included. Stay tuned and thanks again.


Thank you for acknowledging and fixing this issue quickly. UIExplorer is now working from the Tools panel!

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