UiExplorer is not working

We have one development sever and IT person installed Licensed version of UiPath Studio using my login. we have 4 developers working together in the same server using RDP.
UiExplorer is opening for me only.

Other team members are unable to access the ‘Ui Explorer’ in UIPath Studio.

Also when team checked the “License Type” in “Evaluation Release” they get the attached message that it might be a ‘Trail version’. Team is not sure if both these errors are related.

Could you please help in resolving this.

Hi @inderkumarsingh

First of all, with Enterprise license you can contact our Technical Support directly :slight_smile:

As to the issue on hand, could you post some screenshots for us to see the issue more clearly?

Thanks for your reply.
Issue have been resolved. Its related to user profile.
We reset the user profile of rest users.
Now it is working fine for all users.

Thank You.

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