Failed First Time Running after Successfull Orchestrater Installation

Hey everyone, I tried to install Orchestrator on Windows Sever 2019 with Platform Installer. I went through the instructions on during the installation and it successfully installed but whenever I want to access the website, I got the following error.

What should I do?

EDIT: No answer till now. @Forum_Staff, help please.

Please follow the below approach to find the root cause of the issue :

  1. Go to Windows -> Run -> Type in “Inetmgr”
  2. Expand Sites -> Select the Orchestrator website -> Right Click on it and click on “Explore”
  3. Now look for web.config file, and make the following changes as explained below.
  4. Set the CustomErrors mode to = “Off” as shown in the screenshot below. (Make sure it’s capital “O” and small “f”)

  5. Set the httpErrors errorMode = "Detailed" as shown in the screenshot below. 

       After making changes in the web.config file and save it. 

           6. Again  open the previous opened IIS. Restart the Website. 

               Restarting the website ensures that the changes take effect. 

- Now browse the page and share the screenshot of the browser window.



@atoi- Can you check if the user mentioned in error screenshot has access to sql DB?

Yes, it has db_owner permission to UiPath db.

@atoi- Sorry for delayed response. Can you let us know if you are still facing this issue?