Facing problems with Send Outlook from studiox

@loginerror Facing a known problem with Send outlook mail activity i.e

I have read the associated topics but neither are working i.e Updating Package or connection with Pc.
I am able to use successfully Send outlook mail activity with Studio or manually but not via Studiox.
I am using Outlook 2007 , Do I need to Upgrade it as well.

Appreciate any help , Thank you in advance

Office 2007 is not supported in StudioX . You need to uograde office to at least office2010


Ok , but if have an Outlook 2016 but web page version and not Windows app type the will it work ?Web version means I mean

Unfortunately you will not be able to use online versions of Office with StudioX.


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@HoriaBelu and @dragos.suma thankyou for responding.
This works well now for outlook 2016 windows app .

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