Facing issue while running my learning program

Here is the snip of the issue that i am facing

Hello @Kunwar_Tarun_Singh_Jadon,

Closing the UiPath studio and reopen it, connect studio with orchestrator and then try to run the process again.


sir done it but not solved. Any other way to solve it…

HEllo @Kunwar_Tarun_Singh_Jadon

Are you getting this error.for aome particular activity??


sir im learnor, when ever im running any existing or new program im getting this error so im unable to run any program so please help me… Thanks

please reply with solution…thanks


Plz try to creae a new project with only one message activity and confirm you are getting the error or not??

Plz update the package before to that. Manage package->update the packages


Thanks but not solved with this solution…

Hi @Kunwar_Tarun_Singh_Jadon

Could you please share the zip of a sample problematic project that causes this issue for you?

Also, the version of the Studio that is affected.